Selling Your Home in Michigan

So you’re thinking about putting your home on the market to ultimately get it SOLD. Or you may have already tried to sell your home with another Realtor and it didn’t work. (Don’t feel bad, I specialize in the homes that do not sell the first time around and get them SOLD.)

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Choosing The Right Agent To Sell Your Home

It’s a big decision that has probably been a thought in your mind for some time. I say that because most homeowners don’t just wake up in the morning and decide to put their house on the market without giving it a lot of thought.

You probably already have an idea of where you would like to move to, assuming you sell your home. All you need is a marketing plan that works in this type of market. I have that marketing plan. My marketing plan is the most Progressive Marketing Plan in the industry.

With that being said, you most likely agree that the magnitude of this decision and the result of the outcome could have an everlasting effect on your future, and your family’s. For a long time the Michigan real estate market has been very good to sellers. We’ve seen an upward trend for over 15 years. A homeowner looking to sell their home in Michigan would never think about the possibility that the house may not sell. In today’s market only 7% of the homes on the market sell each month. The rest are what we call Expired Listings that sets on the market for a long time and do not sell.

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Listing With The Wrong Agent Could Cost You Thousands of Dollars

This decision puts thousands of dollars at stake. Your equity, your life savings, and even your credit, are all on the line. The big decision that needs to be made here is, deciding who you’re going to trust in representing you and in handling everything for you and your family.

I am that Full Time Realtor with the right skills and proven strategies to get homes SOLD.

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Commitment to Seller Representation 

My mission is to provide the highest quality, most comprehensive, personalized, and professional Real Estate services in our market area.

As the Listing Agent for a Seller our strategies are designed to maximize your investment, minimize your inconveniences as much as possible and keep you informed from start to close.
Contact us about selling a property or call (248) 247-5000