• Fair Market Value is: The highest price a property would bring if exposed for sale in the open market by a seller who is willing, but not obliged, to sell, allowing a reasonable time to find a knowledgeable buyer who is willing, but not obliged, to buy.
  • Step #1 is to determine what the “Fair Market Value” is for your home. This is an art. No computer or computer software will accurately determine this value. We offer a unique, in depth approach to determine what the market indicates the value of your property is in the current conditions. Every feature of your home (location, conditions upgrades and extras, etc) will be taken into consideration when comparing to “comparables” that have closed.
  • Where to price the home in order to obtain a sale at Fair Market Value in the shortest time possible is the next step. We believe in a Pricing Partnership Strategy between you the Seller and our Listing Agent. Together current factors such as economics, competition, seasonal factors, and your motives are evaluated when establishing the pricing plan that will bring the best of results as quickly as possible.

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  • There is never a second chance to make a first impression
  • A thorough Staging program for your home inside and out will be designed to ensure your best features are properly showcased.
  • It’s the little things that make the biggest impressions to Buyers.
  • Recommendations for improvements will be made in order to maximize your investment and increase the salability of your home.

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  • All required disclosures will be carefully executed and made available as appropriate.
  • The listing information will be submitted to MLS within 24 hours of listing approval.
  • Multiple state of the art exterior and interior professional photos will be available to showcase your home in the best possible manner
  • An “Outstanding Features” brochure will be created that will highlight the key selling points of the home for prospective purchasers and Realtors.
  • If authorized, a Sentrilock key box will be installed so that any real estate agent will have access to your home.
  • Features of your home will be immediately promoted to all the john greene Team members.
  • An aggressive Broker awareness program with Realtors from companies other than john greene, Realtor will be implemented.

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  • Internet is the #1 source for marketing listings and generating Buyers
  • 95% of Buyers are online viewing properties
  • Once your listing is input to the MLS it is then fed to the KW.COM Realtor Website as well as other individual Broker and Agent websites.
  • Your listing will appear on enhanced with extra photos
  • Your data is also uploaded to other websites such as: trulia, yahoo, google, zillow, and more.

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  • Creative advertising in print media of numerous publications will be ongoing
  • Special ads, postcard mailers and open homes are some of the marketing activities considered for each listing.

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  • Direct, personal communications regarding your home is a priority for our agents via phone calls, email, mail, and face to face visits.
  • Client reaction will be sought for all showings.
  • Seller communications will include: Market trends, updates in your neighborhood, competing neighborhoods and price range in general, changes in financing rates and any other factors that affect your real estate

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  • Our negotiating experience will be there to represent your best interests upon the presentation of all offers to work toward the goal of you receiving the maximum price for your home with terms acceptable to you
  • Every effort will be made to qualify the buyer to ensure he has the necessary assets and purchasing power to complete a sale when an agreement is reached.
  • All contracts, forms, and procedures will be explained in detail to help you make the best decisions for your property in your current market
  • We will work with you and your attorney to complete ALL negotiations through any home inspection and attorney issues.

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  • We personally stay involved with all the details from contract to close.
  • We work closely with all parties and the various Service Teams to ensure a smooth on time closing.

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We take tremendous pride in the professional service we give to our clients. Our goal is to represent YOU in the prompt sale of your home at the best possible price and terms. When and only when, you have received the proceeds from the sale of your home do we receive payment for our service. A green and white sign in your yard DOES make a difference! We look forward to being of service to YOU!