Our 3-Stage Selling System Ensures the Highest Possible Price in the Shortest Amount of Time.


Having a solid marketing system in place is crucial to the success of selling your home, but just as important is the negotiating and organizational skills required to bring about an effective and timely closing.

This is where the team at Talka International Realty shines. Our ability to communicate and negotiate effectively, streamline processes and meet the most demanding of deadlines is the key to our record of successful home sales.


Contract Review and Negotiation


As soon as an offer is received we will review the offer, evaluate the best solution and negotiate with the buyer’s agent (or buyer in event buyer is not represented) and come to a favorable contract agreement for the seller.

Once the contract is accepted by both parties the countdown to closing begins. Generally closing will take place between 30-45 days depending on the agreed upon contract terms, but we have also streamlined the process for shorter closing timelines.


Managing all the required paperwork and seller requirements could be an overwhelming task, but we’ve simplified the entire process making your transaction smooth and stress-free. Utilizing the latest technology like electronic document signing makes it easy and convenient for you to sign documents and keep all communication and records tidy.

Our step-by-step closing system walks you through the entire process seamlessly bringing you to an effective and timely close.

Real Estate Closing


Working together with the escrow officer all title work and public records are gathered together to find if there are any unpaid property taxes, liens or judgements on the property (in event there are any liens these will need to be addressed prior to the Close of Escrow) and proceed with HUD-1 settlement statement for closing.

Now that the Close of Escrow date is just days away all parties (buyer, seller, real estate agents, and escrow officer) will meet for final document signing at the title company. During the closing, financing and paperwork are all completed. You will receive your sale proceeds, usually through a bank wire, on the Close of Escrow date which is typically a couple days after the signing. The new homeowner receives the keys on the Close of Escrow day as well.

Our top priority as your personal Realtors® is to ensure you receive the maximum value for your home both effectively and timely. We’ve helped many homeowners achieve success in their home sale and we would love to help you. If you have any questions regarding the home selling process and how we can be of service please contact us now.