This Thanksgiving Day, some Southeast Michigan family celebrations may be somewhat curtailed thanks to precautions about spreading you-know-what-19. Yet, even so, in addition to ham (or turkey or tofurkey) with all the trimmings, the football games on TV, and pilgrim hats and pumpkin pies, there will also be the welcome feeling that the Holidays are now truly underway—familiar territory in the mostly unfamiliar precincts of the rest of the Year 2020.

Equally familiar is the historical dimension of Thanksgiving: the stories behind the celebration of the Plymouth colonists in 1621. More than just thankful that they had survived the first harsh winter, they were jubilant at the abundance they were finding in their new alien home—an appreciative of their helpful new neighbors, the Native American Wampanoag people.

On this Thanksgiving Day, it will take a lot less imagination than usual to appreciate the gratitude those families must have felt. It might be a renewal of sorts for today’s Americans who pause to reflect on the blessings that health—and the bounty of this great land—convey. Happy Thanksgiving, Southeast Michigan!

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