Staying on top of everything involved in keeping Southeast Michigan homes in tip-top condition requires at least some degree of parallel concentration—a skill that can be hard to manifest when major maintenance issues are underway. If you are in the midst of a re-roofing project, for instance—comparing bids, then overseeing the progress of your Southeast Michigan roofing contractor—it’s less likely that you will also be focusing on a back door that could use re-screening.
Along those lines, here is a short collection of Southeast Michigan home maintenance tasks it’s all too easy to put off. Here are five of those:
  1. Water heater. It’s simply a fact (an invisible one) that corrosion-causing sediment will shorten a water heater’s service life. Cleaning it out has a nice side benefit: lower power consumption all winter long.
  2. Drip pan. Most refrigerators gather excess moisture in a drip pan behind the kick panel. When you pull it out, be careful: it usually is full (sometimes including mold). If the drain lines are being obstructed with mold, they can be cleared with a reshaped clothes hanger… but when doing the clearing, protect yourself by wearing a mask (Southeast Michigan homeowners have plenty of those, nowadays!).
  3. Lint screen. The clothes dryer’s lint screen gradually accumulates a film that makes it less efficient—even putting excess strain on the blower motor. It’s simple to soak it in a dishwasher soap and hot water bath, then gently brush and rinse.
  4. Fire Extinguisher. Their expiration dates are always visible (and too-often ignored). When you need them to work, nothing’s more important!
  5. Preparedness Kit. Many Southeast Michigan households haven’t assembled an emergency preparedness kit to deal with possible natural disasters. In the course of studying why that is so common, FEMA developed a five-stage description of stages of behavior regarding preparing for emergencies: Pre-Contemplation (i.e., not even thinking about emergencies); Contemplation; Preparation (actively considering doing something); Action (starting to do something); and Maintenance (having prepared a kit and maintaining it for more than six months). Assembling a kit isn’t difficult, yet few U.S. households have a working flashlight, first aid kit, medications set aside for emergencies, or emergency blanket/clothing/bedding.
When Southeast Michigan’s autumn weather turns nice, it’s the perfect time to finish attending to the minor to-do’s that pile up over summer. In any season, I’m standing by to help with all your Southeast Michigan real estate matters. Call me anytime!

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